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29 04 2008

If I would have to name developer friendly portals, Reflexive would be on one of the top positions. Now, after release of Runes of Avalon 2 I can say that they are not only a portal that let’s you earn quite good percentage of sales price.

Do you need an e-commerce provider? Well, if you sell on your own for sure you need one. I use eSellerate, some use Plimus, a lot of developers uses BMT Micro and many others. But this may change… because if you set up affiliate account and sell your own game through it you can earn 90% of sales price, which usually is $19.95. That’s one of the lowest rates in the industry.

But that’s not all. Since they wrap your games (without putting Reflexive splash screen) you don’t have to worry about DRM. Forget about home made solutions, forget about Software Password.

And last but not least, you can use it as hosting service. No more worries about bandwidth.

The best thing about using Reflexive?

Your affiliate sales affect your game ranking. That’s right. Not only you get the same amount of money that you would get selling through other e-commerce providers, but also you can push your game up on the Reflexive charts. And because a lot of people uses Reflexive affiliate system, you can rank your game higher on their rankings too.

I tried that with Runes of Avalon 2 and after sending one newsletter to Mac subscribers our game got position #12 (Mac games, browse by top sellers). It shifted 24 spots on the chart.

Now if you decide to promote your own game this way make sure to send a download link for Reflexive version. I just sent buy now link and then received a lot of emails from customers that didn’t know how to activate the game (because version hosted on my website didn’t have “Already Paid” button).

Any cons?

Well, there are three:
– If you sell games for Linux, you can’t use Reflexive to sell games for this platform
– Reflexive’s DRM is not very secure. You will probably quickly find your game on crack sites
– You will probably get your money later than you would using regular e-commerce provider (for example eSellerate usually pays within 20 days of the following month)

Ah, one more – you can’t cross-sell, which is a pity.

But if you are just starting game selling business it is worth considering this option, since you not only are able to sell your game, but also get access to a lot of other games.

And Russell just told me – you can create your own support center through the affiliate program.

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3 responses to “Reflexive – portal, e-commerce and DRM provider”

29 04 2008
Simon (20:26:42) :

Great post, and it sounds like Reflexive have an awesome option. As someone from Plimus, I might propose a slightly different approach, if that’s OK.

Our services are not exclusive; in other words, it’s not an either/or proposition. Makes a lot of sense to me to use the Reflexive service; but also to have your own page, through which you can run promotions, cross-sells, that sort of thing. Remember, if your product sells for $50, it’s 9% at Plimus also; and the rate goes down with the size of the invoice…so if you can sell two games at once, you could be looking at a much better return.

Still and all, I don’t want to disagree that Reflexive sounds like a great part of your marketing portfolio!

30 04 2008
Roman (10:32:47) :

Simon, looks like Google Alerts do a great job not only for me.

Keep in mind that most casual games sell at ~$20 price point, which put us on 10% fee. Plimus is well recognized by game developers and a lot of us uses it. I do, as a secondary payment processor.

30 04 2008
Tim (17:52:14) :

Fully delighted with Reflexive service! Long live Reflexive team and wish you a great future, Refs!