2 great replies from portals

9 05 2008

Making the game is difficult, getting it on portals is even more difficult. Just look at two replies that my friends and I received from two different portals that we don’t want to name publicly.

While there is nothing technically wrong with the game (it is quite beautiful in fact), the core rotational mechanic makes the gameplay a bit unforgiving and stressful so we will be passing on distribution at this time.

The rotational piece mechanic to make matches is simple enough but as pieces are improperly placed the difficulty ramps up quickly and the game becomes much more difficult by orders of magnitude. This means that players can easily become frustrated though they are simply looking for a game that gives them a bit of relaxation during their normal work day.

That’s about Runes of Avalon 2. I always admire people that are able to say our audience is too stupid too play this game is such a nice way. I don’t blame them for it, but it makes me laugh.

The next one is even better, but sooo scarring

In fact we haven’t played your game at all and we know it could be of high quality. We just looked at how it performed on BigFish and decided that launching it is not worth the effort – especially if we can have plenty of better performing hidden object games to launch.

It’s about Stoneloops! of Jurassica. I read about it on Maciej’s blog.

You better contact all portals at once otherwise you’re risking getting same reply. You see, both games are great and would easily make it into top 10… but not today, when match-3 and marble-popper genres are not so popular anymore.

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2 responses to “2 great replies from portals”

10 05 2008
Runes of Avalon 2 at BFG - three weeks after release | Sell More Games (10:43:17) :

[…] all portals simultaneously. Otherwise you risk that other portals will not even play your game – they will just look at the Big Fish Games top100 chart and if it doesn’t do well they pass on it. Maciej from Codeminion has written great post […]

2 07 2008
Jake Birkett (12:13:14) :

Yes that email about the game not performing in BFG’s top 100 is concerning especially as the portals have different audiences.