The Perfect Tree launched… not so perfect

23 12 2009

Yes, you hear it right. The Perfect Tree was released a couple of weeks ago on our site, but just recently was released on Big Fish Games. A lot of credit for such a quick release goes to Big Fish Team – Thanks! Other portals didn’t even bother to reply, but I didn’t expect them to launch our game anyway – it was almost December 10th when I contacted them.

Anyway, if you haven’t noticed, Big Fish Games started to launch 2 games a day. Not every day (lucky we). But unfortunately our game was launched with another one – Virtual City. It’s hard enough for games to get noticed when you have to compete with all the top 10 games, yesterdays release and tomorrow’s release. Imagine that we had to compete with all that and another tomorrows release and a day later with another 2 releases. Too bad Big Fish doesn’t display all “Tomorrow’s Game Today” releases.

Our game was noticed probably only by hardcore forum readers (when your game is launched a dedicated forum for it created). It was very quiet there until next day when we moved to “Today’s release”. Still, we’ve been below Virtual City and as you could find out on forums not every one noticed that there are two games launched.

So I’m thrilled to check top 100 today, as that’s the first day we will be listed (hopefully). Keep your fingers crossed for me.  I hope your game won’t have so hard times during launch.

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