Christmas is coming – are you prepaired?

20 12 2007

Year by year people spend a lot more shopping in December. But do they buy more digital games? I don’t have the stats to say yes or no, though I have some comments.

First of all – are you prepaired for Christmas? I am not. I feel bad because I had really cool ideas to spice up Christmas sales, but didn’t have time to work on them. I barely found the time to work on our newest game release. And that got me thinking…

I am sure more people is busy during Christmas. Everyone is looking for Christmas gifts, Christmas Tree, closing the year, haunting for the best New Years party. No time to play, no time to buy games. Anyway, can you imagine digital game as a gift? It doesn’t look good under the Christmas Tree.

A lot of companies offers promotional coupon codes, some even let you save 40% on purchase. Make something special for your customers that are generous enough to play your game(s) during the busiest period of the year. It doesn’t have to be a coupon code, but a coupon code is better that nothing. Use your imagination. And let me know how did it work for you.

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Test your banners. Even small change can improve them by 50%!

1 12 2007

In Get the most out of your banner ads article I presented you technique to select the best banner for your advertising needs. In this article I will present you results of one of my tests.

A while ago I created a banner ad for Runes of Avalon. I’ve run couple of campaigns and had a feeling that it is not doing the best job. I decided to create new version and test if it will do better than the old one.

In one of my experiments with Google Website Optimizer I’ve learned that qouting a good review can increase page effectiveness very much so I wanted to check if it will work the same for banners. I added same review quota to my banner: one version with review on the top and one with review on the bottom.

I’ve set campaign details and waited couple of days for results. After about 60000 impressions I had a winner.

Runes of Avalon banner test AdWords results

Screenshot above presents you results of last test. Previous test showed that banner with review on top has the worst CTR so I dropped it in final test.

As you can see original banner is 50% better. 0.09% CTR is still low, but it’s much better than 0.06%. Results prove once again that you always need to test, test and once again test. There is no 100% sure solution for advertising.

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