Reflexive acquired by

21 10 2008

It was announced today. I am quite surprised, but I think it’s good for casual game business. is a huge outlet, so hopefully it will boost Reflexive’s sales and bring more competition between casual game portals. Here’s a few lines from Reflexives press release.

At Reflexive we have always prided ourselves on maintaining good relationships with everyone in the industry, and are excited that Amazon shares that philosophy. We intend to provide the best distribution platform anywhere, and to continue working openly with all the participants of the casual games space. Together it is our priority to continue this inclusive attitude going forward.

What this means for all you developers is that it’s time to get excited about your future with Reflexive. We can’t talk about everything yet, but we’ll be in touch shortly with more information. All of the features that you know and love about GameCenterSolution will still be available to you now and in the future, and you can continue to submit games through the Reflexive site. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

We look forward to continuing our commitment to offering a broad selection of casual games for customers and to providing the best support to all our partners. We are unbelievably excited to continue working to enhance the online casual gaming experience, for both gamers and game developers.

This is a very exciting day for the entire Reflexive team and community; we are thrilled to be joining the Amazon family. Thanks for your continued support and stay tuned for great things to come.


Lars Brubaker
Reflexive Entertainment, Inc.

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Can you survive in on-line world going off-line?

20 10 2008

I haven’t post an article in my blog for 55 days. No, it’s not because I lost my passion or that I didn’t know what to write about. It’s because I wanted to try if you can survive in the on-line world going off-line.

I went off-line on September 1st. The first days have been quite hard. I had to finish couple of on-line tasks but without access to Internet it was very difficult. I could check email via dial-up and GMail but answering emails was very time consuming due to low Internet connection speed.

After few days it was clear that without faster Internet connection I will waste time and money. You have to answer support emails and maintain regular business communication. I decided to get ADSL 256kbps, but instead of unlimited access with flat fee I signed up for per hour charge.

Now it’s clear to me that you can survive, but you have to forget about on-line tools. Forget about GMail, about reading forums, doing a lot of guerrilla marketing. It’ll be easier for you if you focus just on game development. Going off-line will increase your productivity a lot (that’s why I tried to go off-line).

I will not be on-line until mid December… at least until that day I won’t have unlimited Internet access. Hopefully my sales will not dry more that they already did.

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