About Roman

Roman BudzowskiMy name is Roman Budzowski and I am CEO of ANAWIKI GAMES. ANAWIKI is a casual game development company. We’ve made some great games in the past and are working on some new great ones.

I develop games comercialy since 2004, though I had my first game published in retail in 1994. This 10 year gap was filled with a lot of learning in highschool and University of Szczecin.

I was a producer for following titles:
Runes of Avalon
Pony World
Maggie the Gardener
Tom’s Hen House

It’s quite easy to find blogs or materials that talk about making money online, but it is really hard to find materials talking about making money selling games. During my adventure with commercial game development and self-publishing I have learned a lot and decided to share my experience in this blog to make it easier for other indie developers to succed in online game business.