The business of games

5 10 2010

Seth Godin made a post about the business of software and I’d love to hear / read similar thing regarding the business of games. Some of his thoughts are related to games too. For sure in casual games we’re in drag dealer model (free trial versions) and those of you that sell via portals are on the platforms where commerce is expected (portals customers pay for their games). But that’s not enough. At least in many cases that’s not enough.

Being portal friendly limits our ways of catching customers. We can’t do much beside the trial version. We can’t even let users create and share content for our games (at least you can’t do it with portal versions).

To raise the prices portals invented premium / collectors editions. Those editions have extra content, which urges customers to buy those games, but there is very limited number of games that can be released as premium editions.

Any ideas how to bust your sales for “standard” games?

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