Improve your sales – start cross-selling

1 11 2007

Cross-selling is a simple trick for selling more (at least in the online world). Here is the definition of cross-selling on the web:

The strategy of pushing new products to current customers based on their past purchases. Cross-selling is designed to widen the customer’s reliance on the company and decrease the likelihood of the customer switching to a competitor.

Or easier to understand:

Cross-selling is the term used to describe the sale of additional products or services to a customer.

The trick is that you need at least two products to cross-sell. If someone decides to buy your game it is much easier to convince him or her to purchase an extra item. It’s good to offer a discount when cross-selling.

If you want to maximize your revenues try to cross-sell similar products. Offer a sequel or another game from the same genre.

Once I analyze my sales data I’ll post some stats regarding my results on cross-selling.

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4 responses to “Improve your sales – start cross-selling”

2 11 2007
Rio (18:32:18) :

Yup, cross-selling works! I’m one of those people who bought more games because of cross-selling and additional discounts. :D

Do you mention your cross-selling deals on your newsletters as well? Most cross-selling deals I see are on the website only and surprisingly enough, they’re usually not in the newsletters I get (where they usually focus on one game).

2 11 2007
Roman Budzowski (20:21:11) :

Rio, thanks for the tip. This is an obvious thing that we should do, but do not. I’ll include cross-selling into newsletters next time.

3 11 2007
Jake Birkett (15:16:02) :

For sure people who buy one of my Match-3 games often end up buying one or two of the other ones! It’s very pleasing. I guess they like my games and trust me after playing one and so look for more of the same but with a different theme.

29 04 2008
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