How to make $10.000 a month from selling games?

17 10 2007

$10.000 a month my sound high for some of you and it really is especially if you are just starting. Though it’s hard it doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

To get $10k selling games you need either to sell $1000 per game for 10 games or $10.000 per one game. Getting $1000 per game a month is much easier than selling one and getting $10.000. The problem is that when you start you have just one game.

The  math is simple:
revenue = price * orders
orders = CR * downloads
downloads = site conversion * unique visitors

revenue = price * CR * site conversion * unique visitors

To get $10.000 (gross) you need to sell 500 units at $20 price tag. To sell 500 you need 50.000 downloads if your CR is 1%. To get 50.000 you need 100.000 visitors if your site conversion is 50%. To get 100.000 visitors you need to either be lucky or spend $5000 in advertising.

This may sound good, but boy, how this will sound to you if I say that numbers above are optimistic?

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2 responses to “How to make $10.000 a month from selling games?”

18 10 2007
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10 02 2008
Jake Birkett (19:55:27) :

I’ve discovered that this is possible btw :-)