If you invest $1200 in advertising…

16 10 2007

50 DollarsJuuso posted sales stats for Su Doku Live. The guys behind Dead Pixel Games were lucky enough to get $27000 income with $13000 profit. But did they succeed in online sales? They sold only 50 copies of Su Doku Live – 47 for Mac, 3 for Windows – and earned $2000. That’s not much for a game that is online for over a year. So where all the money come from? They managed to get publishing deal for $25k that saved their butts.

It’s hard to tell why they failed online with so few data that they delivered to us, but I’ll do my best. There are plenty of Sudoku games online so getting attention is difficult. They spend $1000 on Google Adwords and $200 on banner advertising. That would give them $800 net profit in online sales. But my guess is that the money invested in advertising didn’t convert into sales. Based on the sales stats and my own experience, if they sold 47 units for Mac and just 3 for PC Windows, I am 99% percent sure that almost all sales come from Apple.com.

Unless they advertised towards Mac market, they had only 3 sales for $1200 investment. That’s terrifying! It’s harder to sell PC games, that’s why you need to advertise, but when you do, you must be sure to check if advertising works for you. It’s easy to invest $1200 in advertising and get no sales from that. It’s really hard to make advertising to work for you!

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2 responses to “If you invest $1200 in advertising…”

3 11 2007
Jake Birkett (15:28:00) :

I thought the same when I read it – however they pointed out that he advertising is most what likely got them the publishing deal as they were contacted “out of the blue” but the publisher who had probably seen the ads.

3 11 2007
Roman Budzowski (21:45:38) :

I am almost sure that they got publishing deal because of PR. If you check contacts in Press Release distribution services you can see that there is a lot of publishers, most probably to find out about games to publish.