1% CR industry standard myth

18 10 2007

In my previous post I wrote:

To get $10.000 (gross) you need to sell 500 units at $20 price tag. To sell 500 you need 50.000 downloads if your CR is 1%. To get 50.000 you need 100.000 visitors if your site conversion is 50%. To get 100.000 visitors you need to either be lucky or spend $5000 in advertising.

This may sound good, but boy, how this will sound to you if I say that numbers above are optimistic?

If the fact that 99 out of 100 people doesn’t pay for your game and quits after 60m play or sooner wasn’t bad enough I can tell you that so called 1% industry stundard is still an optimistic figure. At least for untargetted traffic.

Let me tell you that it’s hard to believe that only 1 person out of 100 will buy your game. It’s even harder to believe that it will be worse than that. Your site is small and you get a lot of new visitors. If you don’t advertise those are mostly people that come to your site by accident. Even if they dowload your game it doesn’t mean that they intend to buy it (even if they like it). It happens even to big portals, though they have more visitors that are customers… and customers are more likely to buy multiple games.

Your goal should be to get as much targeted visitors as possible. I will try to show you how to do that in next articles.

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2 responses to “1% CR industry standard myth”

3 11 2007
Jake Birkett (15:26:05) :

It really depends onthe site. Some of my games convert at over 1% (sometimes nearly 2%) on certain sites, and othertimes as low as 0.2%. My own site was converting soe of my games at 1% which I thought was good, but the traffic must be failry relevent. Haven’t checked in a while though…

8 12 2007
Tim (12:42:49) :

Agree with Jake. On one site there is a big conversion rate of game A, on the other we see game A in outsiders.