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20 10 2007

This blog was inspired by article I was going to write for GameProducer.net. I planned to write about my experiments with Google Website Optimezer. I sat down and started to write ideas that I could talk about. Within 60 seconds I had ideas for over 20 articles. No way I could publish it all at GameProducer.net. And because Juuso talks mostly about producing games and I am going to talk mostly about selling them I decided to give this blog a chance.

Writing all those articles will take a while, so here’s my list of article ideas (selected few):

  • working with Google Analytics
  • working with Google Website Optimizer
  • marketing that works
  • marketing that doesn’t work
  • mastering Google Adwords
  • case studies: my own experiments analized
  • improving sales
  • newsletters and getting subscribers
  • press release
  • working with portals

And that’s just the beginning… Feel free to propese article idea or to share your experience with me.li

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