Is 80 minutes trial a new trend?

18 08 2009

60 minutes trial is a standard in casual games. It’s accepted by customers, developers and portals. We got so used to it that we don’t even check it. Imagine my surprise – yesterday I downloaded Airport Mania First Flight from Reflexive. I played it for a short while and when exit reminder appeared I thought that it’s wrong when it said that I have 74 minutes left. It took a while to notice that the full trial is 80 minutes long.

Airport Mania was made by Reflexive so I had to check if it’s just with their games or all games. Of course I don’t have the time to check all games so I downloaded just one more – Tales of Monkey Island. ¬†And it has 80 minutes trial too.

Doesn’t it make your life harder? When everyone had 60m trials you could optimize that first 60 minutes and set a tipping point around 60 minute to get a better chance of getting a sale. Now you either leave it unchanged and let Reflexive customers get past that point or make two versions. Eh….

(BTW. No need to rush to Reflexive Game Center Solution – Tales of Monkey Island are not available to affiliates)

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One response to “Is 80 minutes trial a new trend?”

2 11 2009
Gamesfordinner (00:30:13) :

Reflexive experiments a lot with different trial times. One recent hidden object game I tried from them had a trial time of only 20 minutes! I had to blink to make sure I wasn’t seeing things.

In my opinion they’d be better off sticking with 60 minutes like everyone else. Giving the customer an inconsistent experience is a big no-no, and probably loses them more sales in the long run than fiddling with the trial times looking for a “sweet spot.”