Sales goes up. Price goes down. New pricing model at eSellerate.

9 01 2009

eSellerate is my favorite e-commerce provider. I was very happy with them until I started to earn a bit more and jumped on the 15% commission. It’s still not bad, but if you compare it with 10% or even 8.9% that others offered it sounds expensive. Beginning of 2009 eSellerate introduced new pricing model (or should I say models?).

Now you can choose between fixed 8.9% pricing with limited features and 11.9% pricing (than can go down to 8.9%) with full features.

I’ll stay at full featured version, but if you’re just starting it may be worth checking the cheaper version (or both).

Last but not least – for most indies the new pricing model will be fixed model at 11.9%. I don’t know any indie developer that earns more than $1.000.000 :D

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One response to “Sales goes up. Price goes down. New pricing model at eSellerate.”

17 01 2009
mojtaba rajabi (06:07:42) :

I’m mojtaba rajabi . interesting to enter game making business(still dont know the difference between casual and indie!). and I am a new member at Indiegamer :

I read whole your blog ! and just want to say hi !!