So I made how much $$$ in 2008?

8 01 2009

OK, I don’t have that much time at the moment to post comprehensive sales stats, but the thread at Indiegamer and Jakes post at Grey Alien Blog got me inspired to at least post a short info about my sales. I am far away of what Cliffski earns, but it looks like it’s nothing to be ashamed of ;-)

My sales stats for 2008: $21,650.09 and 1152 units.

I have released 6 games so far on PC, Mac and Linux (not all of them have Linux versions). Two of them have been released in 2008.

Note that those sales stats are only from eSellerate – my primary e-commerce service before any fees, affiliates commissions and discounts. I did make some money selling other games as affiliate and earned even more on portals and through retail distribution.

Be sure to check my blog later for more comprehensive sales analysis.

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5 responses to “So I made how much $$$ in 2008?”

8 01 2009
cyber (17:51:26) :

Very interesting, thanks for posting this.
You say that you earned more from portals. I know that you aren’t allowed to tell about it, but could you give us an order of magnitude comparatively to your direct sales?

8 01 2009
Roman Budzowski (22:45:13) :

I will but as I mentioned I didn’t have the time to collect and analyse all portal data. So in one of my next blog posts I wll post more data.

14 01 2009
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14 01 2009
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15 01 2009
Cloud (10:35:46) :

Very nice article! Thank you for keeping us posted on the indie world – I am waiting eagerly for your stats articles. It’s always good to get some sales stats to know what to expect before launching our own game/indie company.