Reflexive strikes back with $9.99 price

3 02 2009

I believe Reflexive was last one of the big players in the casual market that sold games for $19.99. Yesterday Reflexive announced EXCITING new pricing strategy… now I am really excited to hear for who it is exciting? But lets hear the official message first:

Hello Everyone,

We are happy to announce an exciting new pricing strategy for the games and products in the Reflexive game catalog. The prices of games in the GameCenterSolution catalog now reflect a more competitive position which we expect to represent an attractive offer in today’s marketplace. This compelling pricing strategy is intended to empower you to sell more volume, have greater customer loyalty, and ultimately increase your monthly earnings. By offering games to customers for under $10, we are anticipating higher conversion and better customer satisfaction resulting in better overall sales volume for you.

If you have any questions or feedback please contact me: …..

Michael Mei

BFG sells your games for $6.99, iWin for $9.99 and now Reflexive joins the party. I believe this would not happen if not for Amazon deal, so lets hear more:

Reflexive Games are now available through the Amazon Game Downloads store

Developers and publishers, greetings. Today I’m excited to share news that Reflexive is now providing games for the beta launch of the Amazon Game Downloads store, This is Amazon’s first step into the downloadable games space. This means that all of Reflexive’s developer and publisher partners now have the opportunity to make their games available on, in addition to and our GameCenterSolution affiliate network.

Here at Reflexive, we’ve been looking forward to this day for a long time. We believe Amazon will really help to expand the audience for your casual games, by introducing all the great games you create to millions of potential new customers. Your games can now benefit from customer reviews, recommendations and all the other features shoppers are familiar with on

For more details about the beta launch of the Amazon Game Downloads store, check out the Video Games blog post.

If you have any questions about the games currently offered through Reflexive or about submitting new games to the Reflexive network and the Amazon game download distribution channel, please contact us at

Thanks for your continued partnership and support as we enter this exciting new chapter in Reflexive’s history.


Lars Brubaker
Reflexive Entertainment, Inc.

That’s actually a good news and I was really looking forward to Amazon stepping into downloadable market. The new pricing strategy makes sense at Amazon – those downloadable games have to compete with all retail games prices at $9.99 (cd or dvd case).

Now if you are Reflexive’s affiliate then go change your game prices… and forget about ~$7 per game sold earnings.blockquote

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5 responses to “Reflexive strikes back with $9.99 price”

4 02 2009
Noam (13:31:25) :

It’s unfortunate but it’s a good move if you ask me. As a Reflexive affiliate we’ll probably see less earnings in the short term but long-term it’s a needed step otherwise we would not be able to retain customers.

I just hope this is the last of the price cuts.

4 02 2009
Tuncer Deniz (17:44:33) :

This is just the beginning of the portal wars. It’s going to get ugly…

3 03 2009
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26 03 2009
Andrew (22:44:39) :

Matter of fact, my affiliate earnings with Reflexive dropped in a half after new price strategy :( I think, only sites with really big number of visitors daily cat take advantages of such prices.

21 09 2009
ron (20:00:53) :

“This is just the beginning of the portal wars. It’s going to get ugly” I totally agree