My Reflexive developer sales after price drop

3 03 2009

thumb-upWhen Reflexive announced price drop of all games to $9.99 (or less in some cases) I was really curios how will that affect sales. $9.99 price point is nothing new in casual gamas market. Some portals sell for less and outsell Reflexive by volume, though not necessairly by revenue (at least not that much). After few days Russell Carroll reported that Reflexive observes much higher conversion rates. That’s great to hear, but does it make up for the loss of revenue?

It might be too early to tell, but my revenues (developer sales, not affiliate sales) are higher. Here are the numbers:

January 2009 – 100%
February 2009 – 250%

January 2009 – 100%
February 2009 – 500%

Numbers for February could look better – it had only 28 days and new price point wasn’t announced until February 3rd or 4th. Still, I hope that the numbers will look similar in March (or better) comparing to January. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that I sell only one game on Reflexive at the moment and it is 7 or more months “old”. In this case new price point worked, but would it work for new releases? I hope to find out soon. Also, note that January may be not the best month for sales. Most people probably spent all their cash on Christmas presents.

I can’t comment on my affiliate sales. I didn’t do any promotion for new price point, I didn’t send newsletters at all in February and that really skews results. Lets see how it will look in March.

But if you are interested in others results, most developers says that their revenue dropped with new price point. Maupin is probably one of the few that can report increased revenue. His sales were 93% higher in Feb that in Jan and revenue increased by 6%. Yes, six %, not that much in comparison to sales growth. You can read more reports at Indiegamer Forums.

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4 responses to “My Reflexive developer sales after price drop”

4 03 2009
Jake Birkett (01:57:18) :

Cool, great to hear this and glad it worked out for you.

My direct sales have increased by a lot since lowering my prices to match Reflexive’s.

btw, first heard about this post via GameZebo, good going!

4 03 2009
Arby (04:59:43) :

What kind of volume do you get? I only sell typically between 0 and 3 sales a day. In January, I made $155 off 8 sales, while in February I made $125 off 13 sales. Hooray, more sales, but less revenue. ;-)

4 03 2009
Roman Budzowski (09:57:27) :

You know I can’t say. I understand that sales growth rate it’s not so important, that’s why I posted revenue growth rate.

30 03 2009
SH (21:04:05) :

Interesting stats Roman. Nice to see it worked out in the favor of some people :)