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19 11 2007

Cross-selling is one of the easiest way to maximize your revenue per order. Cross-selling is not only the easiest, it’s also effective technique. I started using this technique in August 2007 and I wish I have started using it earlier. Here are stats from from August till mid November.

I created 7 cross-selling groups. I’ve selected suplementary games that are similar to primary item (the first one that visitor puts into the shopping cart). Here is the list of groups and their effectiveness:

Maggie X – 13.6% effectiveness.
Runes X – 0% effectiveness!
Maggie X – 14.3% effectiveness.
Runes and Path of Magic – Windows – 50% effectiveness.
Path of Magic and Runes of Avalon – Windows – 13.8% effectiveness.
Runes and Path of Magic – Linux – 90% effectiveness.
Path of Magic and Runes of Avalon – Mac – 14.81% effectiveness.

Thanks to this technique I made $577.92 more than I would without using it (before I started cross-selling I had only 1 or 2 orders with multiple products). The best thing about it is that I didn’t have to pay a penny for it to get this extra revunue.

Effectivenes depends on suplementary game. It is a great way to sell sequels or level packs. It doesn’t work if you sell game for kids with puzzle game (that’s why Rune X had 0% efficiency). It works better if primary game is more expensive than supplementary game (50% of Runes of Avalon ($19.99) customers ordered Path of Magic, but only 14% of Path of Magic ($9.99) customers ordered Runes of Avalon).

Now, while I was writing this article I found out that Runes of Avalon for Mac was set up with wrong cross-sell group (Runes X). That mistake probably cost me around $200. Remember, always test your sales machine. If it is not set the way you want it to be set you will most probably lose money.

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3 responses to “Cross-selling statistics from”

4 01 2008
Jake Birkett (19:59:49) :

How exactly were you doing the crosselling? Emailin gthem after purchase about your other games or just offering them at the shopping cart stage?

6 01 2008
Roman Budzowski (14:34:33) :

eSellerate does it for me. When customer adds a game to shopping cart it displays products that I selected to cross-sell with primary SKU. So before customer check-outs one can fill shopping cart with more items.

Email cross-selling is something that I will try in the future. Though I believe it will only work if you let customers buy the way I described above. In the beginning I used to send a discount coupon code to encourage people to buy another products from my store, but IIRC it never happend.

10 02 2008
Jake Birkett (19:52:58) :

OK thanks for the info. I’m pretty sure cross selling on the portals works with my games.