Don’t tell me I lack vision

12 02 2009

Interview with Jake Birkett was very well received. Thanks. Jake is the black belt in Aikido and hippocoder from the Indie Gamer Forums asked Jake:

…as a black belt, how do you feel fitness or other activities contribute to your success?

And Jake says:

the Aikido I do is not violent, it’s about defense. I took it up 11.5 years ago because I was sitting down at a computer all day and needed to do some exercise. Going and doing a regular exercise or hobby is great for taking your mind off work so you can come back fresh. However the Aikido I do has a big “positive thinking” component which has really helped me in my career and home life. So I would say it was integral to my success so far. Any kind of exercise or activity that pushes you into achieving greater things (by making you leave your comfort zone) should help your work, and also it’s good to get different neurons firing which is why I’ve taken up Tango recently.

If you want to see how martial arts can inspire you or motivate to work harder, watch this movie. Dawson is a visually disabled person who does martial arts, also BLACK BELT.

NDA – Dawson Ko from Orange Whip on Vimeo.

Sometimes you have to watch something motivational… after another sleepless night (eh, those kids).

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