Top 3 reasons to work with publishers

7 02 2008

Even if you are indie, you may consider working with a publisher to bring your next game to life. There are many pros and cons, but today I’ll list top 3 pros. It’s all based on my experience.

1. Cash advance
It takes a lot of time to create a great game… and time is money. Publishers are ready to pay you in advance against future royalties. If you work together with a publisher on your game, then you can get advance paid in parts for each milestone. Getting “constant” flow of cash can make life of independent* developer much easier. It can also speed up development of your game, because you’ll get the cash to invest into better art resources or development tools.

* some will say that if you work with a publisher then you are no longer independent, but as long as you are creating your vision you are independent enough for me.

2. QA
Do you have the time and resources to provide great QA service for your game? In the end of development process I am sick of my game and don’t have the passion to put the level of attention needed to testing all those little details. I am also so used to my game that I don’t notice a lot of issues. QA stuff that works for publishers very often does an awesome work and not only catches a lot of bugs, but also gives you ideas for improvement of gameplay.

3. Getting into the markets
Today everyone can setup a site and put a game on sale, though not everyone is able to catch peoples attention. Publishers either have established online sales channels or know how to reach them. They have established retail sales channels and can get your game into boxes or jewel cases and sell it in stores you would not be able to reach. What more, publishers have a lot of products and can make bundles of them to increase your games life. At the end, it can sum up to the great amount of cash… and that you sold more games than you would without a publisher.

What you have read above are my personal top 3 reasons to work with publishers, but don’t be fouled… it doesn’t mean that there is no cons… in the next post I will give you my top 3 reasons to not work with publishers :)

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2 responses to “Top 3 reasons to work with publishers”

10 02 2008
Jake Birkett (19:46:44) :

At the Casuality conference in Amsterdam I heard about several developers who worked with publishers (like Playfirst and Big Fish Games and many others) and they got loads of money and guidance at making a great game (like Dream Chronicles for example) and all the QA and extra advertising for more sales etc. So it’s probably worth it if you can convince them to work with you.

15 02 2008
Top 3 reasons to NOT work with publishers | Sell More Games (15:53:10) :

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