Save 90% on ANAWIKI GAMES!

1 04 2008

That’s right, you can save 90% on ANAWIKI GAMES. How’s that possible? Well…

Due to increasing piracy and development costs we decided to rise prices of all our games by 1000% (so it’s 10 times) since April 2nd 2008. We understand that the price rise is quite big so I decided to give you the last chance to buy our games at regular price and save 90% of what you would pay tomorrow. Here’s what you can get:

Runes of Avalon 2 & 1
Pony World
Maggie the Gardener 2
Tom’s Hen House

Don’t wait until tomorrow. This might be your last chance to buy one of our games.

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4 responses to “Save 90% on ANAWIKI GAMES!”

2 04 2008
Brandonman (03:53:29) :

To be honest, this will probably increase piracy.

2 04 2008
Roman Budzowski (11:04:01) :

That was of course April Fools joke :)

Risky one, but I hope most people enjoyed it.

2 04 2008
Brandonman (23:27:45) :

lol :D

15 04 2008
1.01% site conversion | Sell More Games (14:17:15) :

[…] – 2.17% – well, that was April Fools day – I don’t know if that’s just coincidence but I posted a joke on that day that prices for all my games will rise 10x next day […]