Achievements Are Unlocking Higher Sales

22 11 2007

Here’s another great study from EEDAR:

After examining 4,615 achievements incorporated in 124 retail and 63 downloadable game titles available for the Xbox 360 during the period November 1, 2005 through June 1, 2007, EEDAR found that in general that titles that have a higher volume of Accomplishments (EEDAR’s platform agnostic term) correlate with both a higher Metacritic Metascore and higher gross sales in the U.S.

The study, Accomplishments Unlocked 2007, also discovered that a number of developers aren’t necessarily making the best use of the achievements system. 29 percent of all Accomplishments were Completion Accomplishments, which is naturally the easiest type to develop and integrate into a game. Having a variety of Accomplishments is key, the research firm noted. “The results showed a strong connection between a game title’s diversity of Accomplishment types with that game’s profitability – pointing to the idea that the more diverse the Accomplishments available to the user, the more enjoyable the game, higher review scores, more units sold,” explained EEDAR.

Many times I thought that developers put achievements in games just because other developers do so. Most achievement systems looks like this. The best use of achievement I’ve ever seen has PlayFirst. All achievements player gets in their games are integrated into the PlayFirst portal players profile, so it automatically creates competition betweem players. Find one of the PlayFirst games (ie. Diner Dash) and pick one of the players on the highscores list, then go to Medals & Badges.

We didn’t put trophies/achievements in Runes of Avalon, neither in Pony World, but… we will fix it. Next release of Pony World, Pony World Deluxe, will have trophies in. Runes of Avalon 2 will have at least online highscore system, but I am sure we will find some achievements that will suit the game as well. I want to integrate them with my website. It will create Unique Selling Point for ANAWIKI, portals don’t want to mess with online features.

Integrating games with your website is not an easy task, but if you succeed and combine it with downloadable and user created content and give achievements for creating content for your games, you will have something that will stick players to your site. Content, that will be not available anywhere else!

And then you can easily create competitions that will create viral marketing for your website and games! Competitions you can send PR’s about: competition announcement and winner announcement. Combine it with appealing prize and your sales will skyrocket.

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2 responses to “Achievements Are Unlocking Higher Sales”

22 11 2007
brandon (23:11:31) :

Hey. I’m curious what digital distributor you use to sell games. I have been searching all day, and only found trymedia. Just curious what you use.

23 11 2007
Roman Budzowski (12:07:37) :

If by ‘digital distributor’ you mean e-commerce provider, then I use (and Plimus for affiliates). If you mean game portals, then I use every portal I can get a deal with :)

I’ll do seperate article regarding e-commerce providers soon.

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