Lucky 8? Pony World Deluxe in the iWin’s top 10 chart.

21 07 2008

iWin top 10 - Pony World at #8Life is strange. When I least expected it, it happend. It did not happen with Tom’s Hen House. It did not happen with Runes of Avalon, though I was sooo sure it will make it (and not only I). It didn’t happen with Runes of Avalon 2, though I didn’t hope for it.

And now, Pony World Deluxe made it. On the first day after release.

It’s a great feeling to see your game in the top charts. A lot of portals is skeptical about Pony World performance due to choosen theme. Hopefully when they see how our game sells on iWin they will be much less skeptical.

UPDATE: It’s #5 today :)

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4 responses to “Lucky 8? Pony World Deluxe in the iWin’s top 10 chart.”

22 07 2008
Bob (00:36:49) :

Don’t get your hopes up with iWin’s Top 10. Wait till when you get the sales report at the end of the month.

22 07 2008
Chris P (07:48:31) :

Nice one!

22 07 2008
Roman Budzowski (16:01:41) :

Thanks Chris :)

@Bob: I don’t expect much, but if there is any correlation at all between iWin’s top 10 and other portals top 10’s then being in iWin top10 is a good sign for the future. At least it looks like there is a correlation according to

24 07 2008
AJ (09:41:04) :

Congrats on making the top ten! Yeah, the iWin top 10 is a bit wierd though. My guess is it’s based on the conversion ratio…