Is a freeware game good advertising tool?

3 01 2008

Your game is your best marketing tool. If can, make one by one and you’ll be rich. The problem is, that most of us don’t have resources to do so.

One of the ways to obey this is to release a freeware game to promoto your site. Freeware game doesn’t require the same amount of polish and content as a commercial game. This means you can finish it faster. If you treat this little freeware game as an experiment to check if your game mechanics and ideas work, you may get great feedback and promote your site. Later, based on the feedback collected from your players you can build top-notch quality commercial game.

Amanda Fitch from Amaranth Games made her first game available for free. It was RPG game and was downloaded 1 millon times. She builded her site credibility and user base. And when she released Aveyond she had a lot of players waiting for game.

ANAWIKI Puzzle GameWe, at ANAWIKI Games, try to do it a little different. We wanted to learn some new stuff and decided to create a little JigSaw game with artwork from our other games. The game is called ANAWIKI Puzzle Game and is available for PC and Mac Intel. The trick is that the name and game content promote ANAWIKI or our commercial games. The game was just released so I cannot say how popular it will be, but we’re planning to do commercial version of this game with a lot more artwork and game play modes. By the time we reach beta stage I hope to have enough feedback from our players and beta testers.

Take care and have a happy New Year 2008!

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One response to “Is a freeware game good advertising tool?”

17 04 2008
Kaolin Fire (03:04:36) :

I’m trying to leverage a freeware game I just released as advertising for a magazine I run. Still learning where I need to actually release the game to get it more eyeballs, but it’s good to hear that someone can make good by it. :)

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