Don’t make cheap games

19 01 2010

In one of my favorite newsletters I read an interview with Bob Cox. It was quite interesting reading and I found a nice bit I would like to quote here:

I read (I can’t remember where) that it’s as hard to sell a pair of shoes as it is to sell something more expensive. The work is the same, but the sales commission is much greater.

Unfortunately we developers have little influence on the price of our games (except for our own sites). Keep in mind that it is better to make a bit better game to sell it for a bit more than make it look cheap and sell it cheap. Your efforts to market the game will be as hard or harder to promote cheap looking game, but revenues will be much smaller.

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One response to “Don’t make cheap games”

19 01 2010
Oliver (14:29:55) :

Cool, I read that one, too. I think it was on Early to Rise ( ).

While not universely true (it’s harder to sell to organizations) it’s something to think about when designing software. :)