Get in Top 10 or die!

14 04 2008

When you go to the Big Fish Games website don’t you feel depressed? Almost every game there is a hidden-object game… at least that’s the first impression. But I bet you’ll be surprised when I tell you that hidden-object games state only 35% of top 100 games. Still, it is the largest group. Here’s a full break down of top 100 games on Big Fish Games.

Top 100 break down by genre

I put all action, strategy, RPG and other games that doesn’t fit into 4 major categories categories.

There are also two interesting colums on the list: peak and weeks in. I was very curious what is the lowest peak for a game to get into top 100. If you are aiming to make an average game you better give up before you become disappointed… or change your thinking and aim higher.

Wonder what is average peak position for games in top 100? Try to guess… Read the rest of this entry »

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April Fools

2 04 2008

My last post: “Save 90% on ANAWIKI GAMES” was an April Fools joke. I am sure that no one (that is not out of his mind), including me, is going to fight piracy by increasing prices. Though I thought it suits April Fools perfectly I decided to give it a shot. A lot of people seemed to like it.

It was  also an example of guerilla marketing. I doubt we sold a single game due to this trick, but I am sure it did bring some attention to ANAWIKI (still, we broke the record of sales in one day, but it was probably the effect of last week PR).

Did you make any April Fools jokes?

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Save 90% on ANAWIKI GAMES!

1 04 2008

That’s right, you can save 90% on ANAWIKI GAMES. How’s that possible? Well…

Due to increasing piracy and development costs we decided to rise prices of all our games by 1000% (so it’s 10 times) since April 2nd 2008. We understand that the price rise is quite big so I decided to give you the last chance to buy our games at regular price and save 90% of what you would pay tomorrow. Here’s what you can get:

Runes of Avalon 2 & 1
Pony World
Maggie the Gardener 2
Tom’s Hen House

Don’t wait until tomorrow. This might be your last chance to buy one of our games.

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