8 05 2009

I haven’t posted for how many days? I don’t even know and don’t want to check. I haven’t for so long that people started to worry…

In the beginning of my blogging experience I decided that I’ll post only when I’ve got something valueable to say. And for couple of days it was the reason I wasn’t posting. You can’t get new results or experiments in just couple of days. But then interesting things started to happen, but I still haven’t posted. Well, after another google dance almost all my websites has been hit with new low Page Rank. For unknown reason this blog went down to 0 (zero!) from 3. ANAWIKI main site went downt to 3 from strong 5. And I was expecting a rise in Page Rank. That really put me off from bloggin for quite a while.

Another thing is that March was really bad in terms of sales at some channels. Not that much in direct sales, but after nice spike in February sales in March were disasterous. I’m happy that March is over because April and May sales look so much better.

It’s about time to start posting again. It’s about time to realese new game… but my current game will not be released for 2-3 months at least. Maybe it’s time to release another freebie.

It’s time to work harder… there’s a beatiful car that I want to buy and it’s easier to buy one when your pocked is full of cash ;-)

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3 responses to “Awakening”

11 05 2009
Jake Birkett (21:01:15) :

Welcome back.

14 05 2009
Keith Weatherby II (22:23:58) :

I didn’t realize a site could go back down in page rank. I’m apparently at a 3, as shown by some page rank checkers. Not really sure how reliable they are. I don’t know of any place that google shows your page rank other than supposedly the google toolbar. Is 3 a good rank for being in operation only about 3 and a half months? (started late february).
In any case I was wondering why you haven’t posted anything since the pure sudoku sales stats thingy. Good to see you’re up and running again.

Keith aka Uhfgood

15 05 2009
Roman Budzowski (10:17:18) :

As I and others have experienced site PR can fall down. In the past Google punished sites that sold link ads, but why they punished Sell More Games blog I have no clue since I don’t sell links at this blog.