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Tom's Hen House

Windows requirements:
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
600MHz processor
3D Graphics Card
128 MB RAM
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Mac: OS X
600MHz or better PPC Mac
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Download Tom's Hen House

Tom's Hen House - $9.99

Tom's life in his orphanage wasn't easy. Older mates were teasing him all the time, so when the first opportunity arose, he decided to escape and change his fate.

Walking through the forest, Tom meets an old man, whom he helps to collect firewood. The man turns out to be an ancient and forgotten master of the Festival of Chicken Egg. The old man, seeing so much hope in the boy's eyes, promises to give Tom a few hens and prepare him to take part in the Festival.

And so starts Tom's adventure, in which he meets new friends and enemies, and perhaps - in the end - even fame and a new family. Participating in different contests, which are of catching eggs, hitting the target and playing 'three cups', Tom has to make himself ready for the Great Final performance. His master's advice as well as the chance of modifying his henhouse by buying some more hens in a local shop should also contribute to Tom's victory.

Take part in the annual Festival of Chicken Egg. Help Tom to gain mastery of this competition and win the Great Final. Learn adventurous history and get to know who Zuzanna is and what her role in Tom's life is going to be. Find out why Tom is going to fight infamous Joe. Who else will Tom meet on his way to the Final? Who will win the Mayor's Award? Play our game to find all the answers!

  • 3 game modes: Career, Classic and Relaxed
  • 2 bonus games: hit the target and pick a pot
  • 3 difficulty levels
  • 40 main levels plus 40  bonus levels
  • Lot's of power ups to aid you in your career
  • Store that let you decide what to improve first
  • Great graphics, music and sound effects
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Easy to learn, hard to master
  • Fun to play
  • Great for everyone 
  • Submit your highscores online

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Main screen Hit the Target
main screen hit the target
Hen House Pick a pot
Tom in the Hen House pick a pot
area map village shop
area map village shop

It's a beautiful game -- I think the graphics are terrific, and the few mini-games between levels that I tried were fun.

Mark Batten - Red Marble Games

Wow! You have probably the best prerendered 3d graphics I have ever seen in an indie game (very detailed and realistica and with a fine layer of cartoon style above it - really congratulations).

Janko Metelko - Brave Kid Games

(5 of 5) review

Lovely work - pat on the back to you and your team - very professionally produced work! I like it a lot. Looks great, very crisp and nice design, music is right for the job too.


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