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Why BUY a game from ANAWIKI?

Because these games are fun! That's the best reason. You may find them in other places too but buying a game through our website is the best support for us. This way we can pay our bills on time and carry on our work and passion. Do you need other reasons? Here are some more:

Free demos

All our released games have demo versions. This way you can try the game before you buy it.

Regular updates

We are constantly improving our games. Each valuable customers feedback is added to our games so they get better every time. And what's the best in it is that you get all updates for free.

Tech support

You get tech support directly from creators of the game. We can solve your problems and quickly answer your questions.

Not enough? Here's some more:

It's a beautiful game -- I think the graphics are terrific, and the few mini-games between levels that I tried were fun.

Mark Batten
Red Marble Games

Wow! You have probably the best prerendered 3d graphics I have ever seen in an indie game (very detailed and realistica and with a fine layer of cartoon style above it - really congratulations).

Janko Metelko - Brave Kid Games

Intense B, I have never seen a simple kid's game with graphics this good.

Nex from Toronto, Canada


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