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Seven Seas Solitaire

Seven Seas Solitaire download
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Your bride-to-be has gone missing, and you've been framed for her kidnapping! As a retired naval officer, you now must scour the seven seas to solve the mystery and bring her home. Match cards and fire cannonballs to clear the levels and gather the clues and tools you need to find your darling Elaine. Do you have the skills and the courage to conquer the ocean's dangers and become a captain of legend?

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Arizona Rose and Pirates' Riddles

Arizona Rose
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A chance discovery sends Arizona Rose on a new life of adventure! This humble collector of antiques has stumbled across Blackbeard's treasure maps, and it's up to you to help decipher them. Solve picross puzzles to unlock the maps' secrets, then tackle a variety of mini-games to claim the treasure. Discovery awaits you!

Arizona Rose and the Pirates' Riddles features over 200 levels of puzzle fun, 5 power ups to enhance your game play and 15 awards to collect.

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Runes of Avalon 2

Runes of Avalon
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Take a fantastic journey through a magical world as you match the runes to help Evelyne fulfil her mission and find her way home.

Welcome to the once glorious empire of Avalon, now clouded by the darkness of the evil Morganna's spells. After defeating Morganna in an intense magical battle, Evelyne, the protector of Avalon, must now cleanse Avalon from the dark curse with her Rune Magic.

It's a must have game for all puzzle game fans.
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Avalon Legends Solitaire

Avalon Legends Solitaire download
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Put your solitaire skills to the test as you first collect the cards, then arrange them in their correct order. Collect bonus cards and awards as you journey across the mist-shrouded land of Avalon, to save its people from evil.

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Soccer Cup Solitaire
Pass some time and shoot for the win with Soccer Cup Solitaire! Choose one of over 50 international soccer teams and guide them to victory with fast-paced card-matching action.
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The Perfect Tree
Spruce up Christmas tree!
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Spooky Runes
Fun game in Halloween atmosphere!
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Marble Journey
Do you collapse?!
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Pony World
Life-sim game with ponies!
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Runes of Avalon
Fun Matching Game!
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Anawiki Puzzle Game
Free puzzle game for everyone.
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Spring Bonus

Spring Bonus
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Spring is in the air! Journey through the Spring countryside with your cute animal friends. Help the Easter Bunny light the magic rainbow by melting away the cold grip of Winter. Featuring fluffy chicks, frolicking lambs and bouncy rabbits, this adorable match-3 game is bursting with bonuses and fun for all the family.

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Dress-Up Pups

Dress-Up Pups download
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Dress-Up Pups is a Match-3 game that puts you in charge of a luxury fashion agency catering to the most extravagant dog-lovers. Each customer has a unique vision for their pet's ultimate outfit; help them bring their dreams to life through both classic and chain-style match-3 game play, plus jigsaw puzzle mini-games!

Dress-Up Pups features 190 levels of match-3 fun. On the way to your design success you will meet 10 amazing characters and will create 21 unique outfits for their dogs.

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Tom's Hen House

Tom's Hen House
Download Tom's Hen House Download Tom's Hen House
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Take part in the annual Festival of Chicken Egg. Help Tom to gain mastery of this competition and win the Great Final. Learn adventurous history and get to know who Zuzanna is and what her role in Tom's life is going to be. Find out why Tom is going to fight infamous Joe. Who else will Tom meet on his way to the Final? Who will win the Mayor's Award? Play our game to find all the answers!

Play three mini-games: catching eggs, hitting the target and so-called three cups. The awesome graphics and addictive gameplay will delight everyone, not just the youngest.

  • 3 game modes: Career, Classic and Relaxed
  • 2 bonus games: hit the target and pick a pot
  • 40 main levels plus 40 bonus levels
  • Lot's of power ups to aid you in your career
  • Store that let you decide what to improve first
  • Addictive & Fun to play
  • Great for everyone 

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Maggie the Gardener 2

Maggie the Gardener
Download Maggie the Gardener Download Maggie the Gardener
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Maggie loves gardening. She plants flowers, bushes, designs fountains and places dwarfs. Her gardens are known in neighbourhood. Every year Maggie win's Best Garden prize. Can she win this prize this year? With your help for sure.

  • NEW! Online gallery
  • NEW! Improved paths
  • Superb hires graphics
  • Lots of flowers to plant
  • Big and small fountains
  • Many bushes
  • 6 backgrounds to choose
  • Very addictive
  • Fun to play
  • Easy to learn
  • Play 5 minutes or 2 hours
  • Great for everybody, all ages! 
  • Show your gardens online 

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Simon the Farmer

the game was cancelled

Simon the Farmer - Forever ;-)

Simon the Farmer has many tasks to do. Fly over the Camomile Valley. Like every year inspect the fence and repair broken parts. Help lawnmower preparing for hard work. Take care of the sheeps. Read more and watch screenshots.

  • Fun minigames
  • Great for kids 3+
  • Designed for boys and girls 
  • No parents assistance necessary
  • Great voices that lead your kid through the game 

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